Cosmetic product development

Our experts in product development will guide you every step of the way

Skinlys - Cosmetic product development

Create the beauty products you want

Skinlys is a full-service private label cosmetics supplier and contract manufacturer based in France. Our experts develop the beauty, skin care and makeup products of your choice, under your name, wherever you are. The Skinlys marketing team studies your project while anticipating future trends. We ensure optimal scientific monitoring of raw materials and active ingredients.

Custom product development for cosmetic companies

The cosmetics market is highly competitive and innovation is key. At Skinlys, we’re always excited to help you develop a new line of skin care and make-up products to conquer your target. Every project is a work of collaboration in order to find the best solution for your brand or identity. To create and supply the beauty products you’re looking for, we study every aspect of your marketing brief. We consider your strategy, brand image, timeline and your economic constraints to help you make the right choices.

Custom cosmetics for your target market

Your audience is key to your success: your new beauty product needs to live up to expectations to have a chance in succeeding. When creating product specifications, the habits and culture of your target market are a determining factor. Skinlys even takes into account your distribution network, as it’s likely to influence packaging design and size.

Creative specifications for innovative cosmetics

You can rely on our long experience in cosmetic product development to help you cover all required criteria and find creative solutions:

  • dosage form : cream, lotion, gel, foam, original preparations…
  • sensory effects for unique products
  • desired efficacy and cosmetic claim : moisturizing, rejuvenating, purifying, whitening, UV protection…
  • desired packaging solution: type of container and dispenser, design, size or innovative packaging concept
  • price range : every project is unique and we will help you gain a better insight in cost-cutting factors for your project.


Regulatory compliance

Cosmetic regulations vary from one country to another, with different ingredient blacklists and requirements. The regulatory experts at Skinlys make sure your final product fits all the applicable regulations and quality assurance requirements of your target market.

Custom services for creative innovation

Our experts enjoy a good challenge. We like to combine all our skills to come up with creative solutions for innovative projects. We also provide custom formulation and contract manufacturing services. Should you like to know how Skinlys can help you move your project forward, don’t hesitate to contact us.