#1Product development

Our expert sales team is here to help you further your project. We analyze your needs to come up with the best solutions.

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#2R&D Formulation

Creation and Innovation are at the DNA of the Skinlys team. We constantly aim to enhance the beauty products of the future. Skinlys offers a full range of innovative high-performance formulas, which are scientifically proven to provide solutions to your expectations.

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#3Packaging solutions

You can opt for full-service or contract manufacturing solutions with creative packaging solutions.

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#4Regulatory affairs

The cosmetic market follows strict but evolving regulations. Our expert team guides you through the maze in order to guarantee product quality and consumer safety.

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#5Industrial scale-up

Every project is validated during the industrial scale-up stage. Our experts study the industrial feasibility of your beauty product during every single step of the production process.

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Our state-of-the-art cosmetic factory is located in Bergerac France, where our specialists combine their skills respond to our customers’ requests with creative solutions.

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#7Filling & assembly

Our experience allows us to adapt our filling and assembly lines to innovative packaging expectations. We use diversified manufacturing equipment and in-house engineering processes as a leading cosmetic ODM.

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#8Quality control

From routine analysis to specific quality standards, quality is our daily obsession. We collaborate closely with our customers to meet their satisfaction.

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#9Your product


Product development

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R&D Formulation

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Packaging solutions

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Regulatory affairs

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Industrial scale-up

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Filling & assembly

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Quality control

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Your product

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