Industrial scale-up

I need an industrial scale-up expert to turn my concept into a cosmetic product.

Skinlys - Industrial scale-up

Efficient scale-up of cosmetic formulas

The scale-up process is the missing link between formulation in a cosmetic lab and the reality of industrial production. Before we start manufacturing your beauty product, every project is validated by our Process Engineering team. We study every step of the production process in order to validate the industrial scale-up and feasibility of your project.

Efficient scale-up anticipates and prevents bad surprises during the production process. The know-how of our expert team is combined with continuous testing at all stages of the manufacturing process to obtain the perfect product at the end of our production lines.

Skinlys is a full service OEM contract manufacturer. Should you require more information on our scale-up or manufacturing services, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.